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EUMA 200 ton Turning/Tilting Positioner with a c.o.g. of 1000 mm

Turning & Tilting Tables, Positioning Devices

 DEUMA offers a comprehensive Program :

  • Turntables

  • Turning and Tilting Positioner

  • Horizontal Turning Devices

  • Positioning Devices

  • Special Turning Devices

Turning and Tiling Tables often have to work under severe conditions! DEUMA Turning/Tilting Tables are therefore of extremely robust construction. 
In addition they are absolutely safe and efficient. The Machine Posts are made from high quality steel in distortion-free welded construction. The Faceplates are made from steel.

Our Positioners are available in various designs for load carrying capacities ranging from 250 kg up to 400.000 kg. The Turntables can be supplied with manual control, PLC or CNC control. They can also be supplied in combination with Column & Booms (Manipulators) as complete systems as well as with robotic units.

We would be happy to answer your questions personally. 

Turning & Tilting Welding Positioners, Positioning Devices: Process
Turning & Tilting Welding Positioners, Positioning Devices: Pro Gallery
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