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Beam Welding Machines 

Decades of experience as well as constant further development distinguish the sophisticated DEUMA Beam Welding Machines. Our production program ranges from low cost machines, in gantry-type design, up to continuous double welding lines with automated turn-over system –  tailor-made to suit the specific requirement of our customers. The equipment is capable of welding I-beams of up to 20 m in lengths and more than 4 m web height.
Special travelling assembly units are provided which delete the necessity of previous tack-welding of the beams. Depending on the chosen design, both flanges and the web can be loaded at the same time and completely SAW or MAG welded. The continuous beam welding machines are equipped with  straightening units which correct any distortion on the beams caused by the welding process.
In addition, our range includes beam welding machines capable of handling and welding tapered beams.

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