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Tank Clamping and Welding Machines

Dependent on diameter, shape and wall thickness we can offer three different concepts for the welding of vessels, tanks and other cylindrical or conical tubulars:

  1. External Clamping Rings

  2. Internal Clamping Rings

  3. The Crocodile

All these machines are suitable to carry-out assembly, clamping and welding procedures. In combination with Column & Booms (Manipulators) and Turning Rolls complete production lines for the manufacture of tanks and vessels can be supplied.

Tank Clamping and Welding Machines: About

Types of Deuma Tank Clamping and Welding Machines

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External Clamping Rings

We distinguish stationary External Clamping Rings Type AB, and rotary Clamping Rings          Type ABU.

These are employed for diameters ranging from approx. 400 to 4000mm and wall thicknesses from 3 to 12 resp. 25 mm.


Internal Clamping Rings

Internal clamping rings are, in the most, employed for thin walled workpieces (of approx. 1,5 – 12mm) as well as for oval shapes. External clamping rings type ABU are capable of aligning two tank shells in ratio to each other, to clamp and to rotate these shells to enable, with the help of a Column &Boom (Manipulator) the joint welding of shells without the necessity of previous tack welding.


The Crocodile

The Crocodile is particularly suitable for the Assembly and Welding of very heavy walled shells, as used, for example in Wind Towers or in Submarine Construction, i.e. wall thicknesses of up to 200 mm and diameters of 15000 mm. 

With the aid of a special hydraulic clamping mechanism the shells are precisely aligned in the Crocodile in longitudinal direction and in height, thus enabling tack welding and subsequently inside welding using integrated SAW equipment.

Tank Clamping and Welding Machines: Products
Tank Clamping and Welding Machines: Pro Gallery
Tank Clamping and Welding Machines: Pro Gallery
Tank Clamping and Welding Machines: Pro Gallery
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