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Turning Rolls

Deuma produces a comprehensive range of Turning Roll Systems. The load carrying capacities range from 1 ton up to 1200 ton. The Turning Roll Systems can be delivered in stationary design or on travelling carriage. As an option, adjustable roller spacing or self-centering double rollers are available. In addition to the standard versions, special designs are available, for example with special rubber rings or with anti-creep unit.

Turning Rolls: Process

Deuma Turning Roll Types

04-09-2017 10-39-14.jpg

Type H   stationary version, lever-type

Load range up to 15 ton and workpiece Ø up to 3,5m. The diameter setting is done by lever and fixed in position by bolts in holes. Infinitely variable adjustment of the rotation speed from 150 to 1500 mm/min, alternatively,  250 to 1500 mm/min. Other speeds are available on request.  Special features available on request.


Type RS   stationary version

Load capacity up to 500 ton and workpiece Ø up to 12 m. Closed design, individual DC drive of the rollers in the driven unit. Multi-drive available as option. Rotation speeds are infinitely variable from 50 to 2500 mm/min. Other ranges on request.


Type Z   stationary version with self-aligning rollers

For thin-walled and heavy workpieces with small contact surface.  Pairs of two support rollers are suspended to be self-aligning (can be declutched). Both roller pairs in the driven unit are driven. Rotation speeds are infinitely variable from  250 to 15000 mm/min. Other ranges are available on request

9610 RF100 BASF.JPG

Type HF, ZF, RF travelling version

Design and capacities same as types RS, H, Z, however, supplied on rail-mounted travelling carriage. Carriage powered either at constant speed, or on request at infinitely variable speed.

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