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Manipulators (column & boom)

DEUMA has been building Column & Booms (Manipulators) for more than 50 years. Due to their extremely robust welded construction, these Column & Booms (Manipulators) provide the necessary rigidity for vibration-free working. As such they ensure high quality welding or grinding operations. The design concepts and the selection of material of bought-in items are subject to very strict criteria. Drive and guide elements are generously dimensioned. Moving electrical cables are guided in cable chains. The control elements are operator friendly. The Column & Booms (Manipulators) are, in the most, employed to carry-out welding and cutting operation as well as grinding work.  Especially for grinding operations the column & booms (manipulators) are designed to be extremely rigid and precise. Manipulators can be equipped with PLC or CNC control, rotary encoders and AC servo drives.

The following options are available:

  • With foundation base or travelling carriage (track gauge to choice)

  • Columns stationary or rotating

  • Rotation drive manual or by motor

  • Clamping manual or by motor

  • Boom fixed or adjustable

  • Operator’s seat, platform or carriage

  • Mounting of welding, cutting or testing equipment of any make

  • Control manual, programmable, CNC or DNC

  • Special attachments

 We are leading manufacturers of   

                  - AM     Standard-Column & Booms (Manipulators) for working heights of up to 10 m 
                  - AW     Wall mounted manipulators 
                  - AP      Gantry-type manipulators 
                  - AI       Column & Booms for Inside welding operations 
                  - SP      Special designs

 We would be happy to answer your questions personally. 

Manipulators (column & boom): Process
Manipulators (column & boom): Pro Gallery
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